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“Orbital Career” gives special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well presented application, also assisting with References and the Statement of Purpose. Our regular follow ups with the Universities result in positive and quick response.

In India, the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery) degree represents the first (graduation) level of training required to be licensed as a physicians, and the MS or MD degree is a higher postgraduate degree, representative of specialty training. Eligibility for the MS or MD course is restricted to medical graduates holding the MBBS degree. After three years of study and the successful completion of an examination, which includes both theoretical and practical elements, in a pre-clinical or clinical subject of a non-surgical nature the candidate receives MD degree, whereas in a pre-clinical or clinical subject of a surgical nature, i.e. anatomy, general surgery, orthopedics and gynecology, the candidate receives the equivalent degree Master of Surgery (MS).