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“Orbital Career's” qualified team shall help you make the right decision regarding your course choice keeping in mind your aptitude, interest, educational background and the future career prospects.

“Orbital Career” has strong profile in counselling. This is very important for a student as you dont have much knowledge regardingduration of course, wealth of the country of study, accessibility, living and working conditions of the host country, alumni and network of the university, preparatory tests involved, scholarships, visa formalities etc. several other such questions come to our mind.

As a student, one has lot of questions in the mind regarding courses which course to be selected and which should not be. Our team of trained Counselors & visa officers shall give you an expert, genuine, transparent updated latest information starting from admissions to visa’s to reaching your dream destination.

Benefits of career counselling.

By Career counselling “Orbital Career” helps a person to get into a course which suits his expertise, nature and ability. This naturally brings the potentials lying with the person leading to a greater chances of success in the education.

A person after getting career counselling can choose his course which suits him. During career counselling, a person is assessed using personality tests and after such assessment, he comes to know about his own strength and weakness thereby helping know about suitable course to him.