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Studying abroad is not merely about researching the net, filling in application forms and sending them to universities you have heard of. The admission is a complex process involving lot of queries, issues, and formalities that need to be looked into, understood, completed and followed through. Slightest of the mistakes or any loop holes in the application process can lead to the candidature being rejected.

“Orbital Career” provides individual attention to your applications, ensuring that you submit an error free and well-presented application. The Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose play an important role in the application process.

Our experienced counselors oversee the written works and help edit and polish those for final submission. Portfolio assessment is the most important step in the admission process. Orbital Career takes care regarding all such aspects.

“Orbital Career” provides enrolled students with the tools, which help them to identify and narrow down their choices of interest. Our expert counselors guide the students to wisely select the course/ program, college or university.

“Orbital Career” helps you to select the most at college/ university according to your profile, convenient location and budget.