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The question of how to design an effective training and development calendar keeps coming up whenever HR managers are discussing implementation of training programs. Chances are you already know that if a training and development program does not answer real needs, then it cannot be effective no matter how well-organized the program is.

Let “Orbital Career” take care of your Training Calendar Mapping have the following elements:

Identify the Most Efficient Training Method

One must use the most efficient means to offer the program based on the learning and development calendar. Some skills gaps require expert training such as what a university or a capacity-building consultancy offers. In other cases, it may be possible to carry out in-house training.

Account for Company Operations

Another aspect you must have in mind when considering how to design an effective training and development calendar as an HR manager is that an effective training and development calendar does not disrupt the operations of the company. Developing an effective training and development calendar requires an HR manager to choose the most effective methods of delivery. It also requires the HR manager to ensure that the training and development goals aligned to the company’s strategy. Apart from these factors, the HR manager also needs to ensure that the program does not cause disruptions to the organization’s operations and that the employees benefitting from it are not distracted while attending the training programs.

“Orbital Career” takes care of all above mentioned points and provide full proof Training Calendar Mapping.