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Third party payroll and contract staffing

“Orbital Career” Most people are familiar with the conventional employee-employer relationship, where a person is hired by a company in a long-term relationship at which an employee could spend their entire career. When a company needs technical employees on a shorter-term basis, to handle a backlog or a "spike" in the workload, the company has two choices:

First, they can spend the effort and expense to search, interview and hire new employees and then lay them off afterwards, assuming the qualified staff can be found. Or, second, they can call an employment company such as “Orbital Career”and hire one of “Orbital Career's” technical employees to do the job.

In the second option, the company contracts “Orbital Career” to provide Orbital Career's technical staff for the job. When the job is completed, the Orbital Career contract technical staff returns to Orbital Career for reassignment to another job. All contract technical staff benefits (medical, vacation, holidays, etc.) are paid by Orbital Career, and there is no unemployment cost to the client company. Contract technical staffing greatly reduces cost, paperwork and HR functions for the company while giving them instant access to the technical resources they need.

Let’s say, you are working in premise of company A. But you are not an employee of company A. Rather there is another company B, say “Orbital Career's”, and you are on payroll of Orbital Career.

“Orbital Career's” is responsible for your salary, insurance and everything. But you work in Company A. Company A payroll rules will not apply for you. But company A office rules apply to you.