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Career counseling and career guidance are similar in nature to other types of counseling, e.g. marriage or psychological counseling. What unites all types of professional counseling is the role of practitioners, who combine giving advice on their topic of expertise with counseling techniques that support clients in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations.

At “Orbital Career” the focus of career counseling is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues.

“Orbital Career” conducts career counseling of Beginners as well as Experienced.

As a beginner, one has lot of questions in the mind regarding career. Following are the benefits of career counselling of beginners.

  • As a beginner a person may not be able to know all the information on long-term careers. With help of career counseling he gets a wide choices of career opportunities
  • A person after getting career counselling can choose his career which suits him. During career counselling, a person is assessed using personality tests and after such assessment, he comes to know about his own strength and weakness thereby helping know about suitable career to him.
  • Career counselling helps a person to get into a career which suits his nature and ability. This naturally brings the potentials lying with the person leading to a greater chances of success.