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Mr. Ajitesh Kumar Sarangi (MSC – MBA)

Founder and Owner of “Orbital Career” (formerly known as “The Pathfinders”)

Mr Ajitesh holds more than 16 years of experience in various gamut so far.

He embraces some 12 years of experience in the field of Biotechnology. By serving companies like Torrent Pharma, TGBL, Soin Biotech Ltd etc from the range of executive to managerial cadre he embellishes his experience in the same filed further by owing a company since 2008 in healthcare called Plasmid Healthcare Pvt Ltd based at Vadodara.

Also he is involved in financial liaison work and provides in depth financial solutions to various small to large scale companies.

As one more feather to his cap, he had started and established “The Pathfinders” in the realm of Medical Education in the year 1999 and was consulting loads of parents and students by guiding them taking admission in medical branches across the globe.

Now “The Pathfinders” name is being dissolved and getting re-named as an “Orbital Career” from 2015 where he is venturing in the field of entire HR outsourcing work and training and development area as well.

His constant wish, zeal and enthusiasm makes him capable of multi-task and succeed with the bang.