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“Orbital Career” have domain expertise and deep business process experience across a variety of industries. In addition to dedicated practices in IT & Non-IT sectors, “Orbital Career” serves many of the world’s largest and respected companies across a variety of industries. We have been instrumental in placing skilled personnel in the industries like:

» Information Technology
» Semi Conductor
» Manufacturing & Engineering
» Insurance
» ITes / BPO
» Media & Entertainment
» Oil & Gas
» Retail
» Telecommunications
» Banking & Finance
» Steel & Power
» Education
» Aerospace / Defense
» Pharmaceuticals
» Biotechnology
» Automobiles
» Infrastructure
» Hospitality

Contact us today to learn more about our technology and management consulting solutions. With every client, regardless of industry, we focus on automation, agility, speed and cost reduction so that you’ll realize increased productivity, strengthened market competitiveness, reduced information technology costs, and improved relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Our meticulous market understanding along with exceptionally pursued services help us to rapidly spread our network on global platform. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address a wide spectrum of Industries.